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Sublime Shakti Goddess Tour India 2015


Rishikesh , Shrigeri, Udupi, Trivnamali, Arunchala, Chidambaram, Kanchipuram, Chennia, Bubeneshwara, Puri


February 3 to 23, 2015



21 day tour 






Who is  Maha Shakti, the Great Goddess ? 
She is the Divine Mother of the Light...

She is the principle of CREATION  The LIGHT of all matter   
 She is the UNIVERSAL ENERGY    She is POWER   
She is ACTIVITY   She is BEAUTY   She is GRACE   She is LOVE  
She is ONE 


"Utterly fearless and uninhibited it is this consciousness, Shakti,  that brings into manifestation and sustains the infinite variety of beings, from the creator to the blade of grass. It is ever dynamic and active, yet it is more inactive than a rock and is more unaffected by such activity than space."
(Yoga Vashishtha - 5:2)


 Shakti the manifest and Shiva represents the unmanifest ; Shakti the formed and Shiva the formless ; Shakti energy and  Shiva consciousness , not only in the cosmos as a whole but in each and every individual. The roots of Shakti are in Shiva, though one is manifested and the other unmanifested. They are in the ultimate sense one and the same One is the principle of changelessness and the other, the principle of change. Shakti is change within changelessness while Shiva is changelessness as the root of change. The experience of perfect unity of the changeless and the changeable, the dissolution of duality, is the aim of Tantra, and thus of Yoga.


 Everything you see around you, whether physical, psychic, mental , is Shakti, both individually and collectively. This includes everything from a pebble to the sun. All manifestations of Shakti come from the underlying substratum, Shiva. The aim of Yoga  is to invert the process to retread the path of creation as it were and unite the Divine Couple and awaken the state of Paramatma the Supreme Consciousness.


Our tour this year includes some very special features:


 Seven Day  Classical Hatha Yoga  Training  
Yogic practices for awakening the Divine Shakti, Kundalini

Numerous blessings from Devi as we receive Her darshan ( blessings ) at the various temples, shrines, and Shakti Peethas, blessings from other Deities that reside in the temples, blessings from Holy sites,  and from spiritually awakened teachers along the way.


A visit to 3 of the 4 famous  Shakti Peeths established by 
the great India Saint  Adi Shankarya


Guided Daily Yogic Practices of all or some  of the following depending on our travel schedule for the day......Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting 




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Sananda Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development


Please check our Teacher Training page for program details including 2014/2015 dates and the application form.


The Sananda yoga teacher training course in Toronto is a 500 hour, Yoga Alliance registered, comprehensive experience of living yoga. Our teachers are highly gifted and greatly experienced in their areas of expertise. Enrolment is kept to a maximum of 15 students to ensure personal attention.




Xenia’s 500 hour Sananda Devi Yoga Teacher Training course has components that make this training unique and different from any other teacher trainings that are offered in the city (ie: learning more detailed philosophy, Ayurvedic studies, Yoga Nidra, and studying Sanskrit and Jyotish Astrology). The course was a transformational experience and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude at the generosity of course content. More and more learning experiences unfolded throughout the course and Xenia had a way of helping us not only prepare to become yoga teachers but to really discover ourselves on this journey along the way. Xenia created an atmosphere that felt so safe and so welcoming for us to bring the things that we are struggling with in life out into the open. She made it feel so natural to be able to share every little energetic shift that I was going through and you could tell that the entire group felt the same way. This course helped me realized that you have to know yourself and the struggles that every human spirit has with their ego before you can offer the most to your future yoga students and best support them emotionally and spiritually. Xenia is such a natural spiritual leader and she has so many blessings and gifts to offer to everyone that studies with her.




I am forever grateful for my yoga teacher training at Sananda. I had been looking for years for the right program and the moment I found out Anandashakti would be creating a program I wanted to participate. It did not fail to deliver. Anandashakti's dedication and experience guided my long time practice and love of yoga to a deeper and richer experience of yoga as an art of living. Long live Yoga Nidra! Once I began teaching I found I could walk into any studio and any teaching experience an264eel comfortable and teach a fulfilling class. I have taught seniors, children, students with physical and mental disabilities, private classes, huge groups, chatty teenagers, nervous and reluctant first timers, wisend and experienced yogis and even my own Mother with confidence knowing that my training from Sananda was practical, valuable, guiding and something special.




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Art of Life

Core Pattern Readings

Karmic Clearing for  Cellular Enlightenment

Practitioners Training


 with Anandashakti/Xenia

limited to 8 participants




Pre-requisite: Core Pattern Reading,
To become an Art of Life, Core Pattern Practitioner is a Soul's Path calling. It is a unique opportunity to have a significant lifestyle change that will remove the division between what you do for your day to day work and your spiritual path.


  During the "Art of Life" training you  will receive :


These life afflictions that we are  conditioned to accept, are not really a necessary part of life. They are a result  of a  lack of perception of our Divine Nature  and limited  awareness of our own experience of life.  With a shift in perception they become the impetuous for self evolution and what was formally a burden becomes a spring board to living life as a journey in  Love.
 As a Art of Life Practitioner you will  help  bring Awareness and healing to many Souls hungry for liberation and assist in the healing of the consciousness of the planet, as well as deepen your own awareness and self transformation every time you receive a reading for another.


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