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Xenia Splawinski (Ananda Shakti Saraswati)




My life has been dedicated to discovering how to become Bliss and live in authentic service and devotion to the Divine. My great delight is to share the experience of awakening with others who are aspiring to know Love. I have had the immense honor of receiving spiritual initiations and blessings by many great masters in the Americas and in my Beloved India. I am a devotee of Devi the Divine Feminine, Goddess, or Shakti principle and it is in Her service and inspiration that I act.


Sananda is the name that I chose to represent my offerings. Sananda means a state of spiritual absorption in Bliss and is also the Vedic word for the big bang theory, the Great Oneness from where the multiplicity birthed. The word Sananda represent the One and the Many and is also known as an esoteric name for Christ Consciousness. I feel it describes my inspiration, a merging of the East and the West of the One and the Many and the embodiment of Bliss.


I have been leading, Sananda Devi, yoga teacher training courses since 2004 in Toronto and abroad. I also teach a specialized form of yoga called Kriya Prayer Flows, which open the body/mind to the moods that are the pillars of spiritual awakening. Devotion, Faith and Inspiration.