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About Sananda

Mission Statement


SANANDA recognizes and honours the Divinity in each Individual and supports the impulse of Personal Spiritual Awakening and Unfoldment of Higher Consciousness as the means to Planetary Healing and Transformation. The aim of Sananda is to provide Teachings, Healing and Support, merging both Eastern and Western Sacred Teachings and Art Forms, to transform Humanity’s Life Patterns of Separation and Suffering into Universality and Equanimity.


Sananda founder Ananda Shakti / Xenia


My life has been dedicated to discovering how to become Bliss and live in authentic service and devotion to the Divine. My great delight is to share my experience of awakening with others who are aspiring to know Love. I have had the immense honour of receiving spiritual initiations and blessings by many great masters in the Americas and in my Beloved India. I am a devotee of Devi the Divine Feminine, Goddess, or Shakti principle and it is in Her service and inspiration that I act.


Sananda is the name that I chose to represent my offerings. Sananda is one of the names for the Goddess of bliss and fullness, another meaning for Sananda is a state of spiritual absorption in blankBliss and it is also Vedic word for the big bang theory, the Great Oneness from where the multiplicity birthed. The word Sananda represents the One and the Many and is also known as an esoteric name for Christ Consciousness. I feel it describes my inspiration, a merging of the East and the West of the One and the Many and the embodiment of Bliss.


I have been leading, Sanada Devi, yoga teacher training courses since 2004 in Toronto and abroad. I also teach a specialized form of yoga called Kriya Prayer Flows, which open the body/mind to the moods that are the pillars of spiritual awakening. Devotion, Faith and Inspiration.


I am an intuitive healer and through Sananda Art of Life, specialize in the release of karmic imprinting and offer training in this intuitive method of connecting to higher realms energies to release what is dense and stuck in the world of form.


I lead retreats and tours to different places in the world, for instance The Sublime Shakti Tours to India, which are an absolute delight ! A journey through India to the most potent Goddess Temples while learning yoga, meditation and chanting along the way.


I have a history in the music scene and L*O*V*E* POWER is the name of my current band. We play interactive music and kirtan. Merging East and West, Bliss and Dance, Performer and Audience. We believe Music and the Power of Love can turn this world around.


Yoga at Sananda


Yoga as taught at Sananda is a comprehensive style of classical Hatha yoga, with the focus on yogic practice as a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness. Integrating traditional practices with a modern sensibility, Sananda Yoga teaches how to apply the ancient wisdoms of Yoga and Ayurveda to daily life.


At Sananda, every yoga class is a unique experience - at times introspective, slow moving and gentle, at other times vigorous and exhilarating. The flow of each class is guided by the principle of bringing into harmonious balance all aspects of the self - body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Sananda's founder, Xenia Splawinski (Ananda Shakti Saraswati) is a gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher and healer. A certified yoga instructor since 1991, she is proficient in several styles of yoga; enlightening Sananda Yoga, dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, deep healing Yoga Nidra, and Ayurvedic Yoga. She integrates her extensive knowledge of meditation, pranayama and chakra awareness into her teaching and healing. Her certification as an Ayurvedic self-care practitioner contributes to her well-rounded, holistic style. Xenia is a founder and practitioner of Art of Life, a new form of intuitive healing that creates the pathway for liberation from our Core Patterning belief systems


Sananda yoga classes connect us to the world by deepening our connection with ourselves, enabling us to become a living example of Peace in our interactions with others. Through this gesture of integration, we experience the true meaning of the word Yoga: Union with all that is, Self, Other, Nature and the Great Mystery of Life.

The Practices


Postures are the exploration of the physical exercises in yoga. By moving the body in specific positions combined with deep breathing, we are able to realign the energy flow in our body and mind. This new flow of energy can heal health conditions and change ways of thinking, ( i.e. belief systems) which increases our life force energy in all ways.


Breathing Exercises

By experiencing the breath as the winds of life we are able to redirect the life energy and increase our joy for life. This is done by increasing the depth of breath and through applying different styles of breathing patterns.



Meditation is the culmination of all Yogic practices; it is the ability for the mind to be one-pointed. When the mind is still it becomes Peaceful, inspired by inner Vision and inner Wisdom.


Chakra Practice

The chakras are sacred energy wheels that map out a blueprint for the evolution of our human consciousness. Each chakra represents an aspect of our experience … survival, relationship, personal will, love, expression and creativity, intuition, union .... When awareness of the trigger point in the body for the chakra is held during yoga practice the process of transformation is greatly increased.


Sacred Sound

Sacred sound is a science that has been passed down by the Masters of Yoga. Through repetition of the sacred sounds we become like the opera singer who uses a sound of a higher frequency to shatter the glass. By repetition of the ancient higher vibration sounds we break through old karmic patterns stored in the cellular memory. As the old patterns release, life becomes a journey of joy.



In yoga the gestures are primarily hand movements and muscular contractions that express the beauty and grace of harmony. By applying the gestures we are able to redirect the flow of inner energy and balance the nervous system.



For further information about the services offered at Sananda; Yoga, the healing Karmic Readings, as well as the Tours and Trainings please read more at www.sananda.ca